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SF RES Land will donate 80% of the commission to support organisations that can help narrow the digital divide every month.

Here are some sliders know how to woof!


Voting Record

Proposal 6: Voted No
Reason: ECO stake has made a pull request for same feature. It's not worth to paid that much.
Proposal 5: Voted No.
Reason: Increase max Validators by 25% is a big jump and the chain is too young. Increasing the validator set is not helping decentralized. Increase by 5-10 is reasonable but 25. Details in Chinese
Proposal 4: Voted Yes.
Reason: Believe that this proposal can help decentralized the chain
Proposal 3: Voted Yes.
Reason: Agree with proposal 1 very much. Just a follow up of proposal 1
Proposal 2: Voted asbtain.
Reason: Just online. Need more time to understand the community.
Proposal 1: Not yet online.

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Incident / Monthly Report

March Report: Eng Chinese
February report: Eng Chinese

What is SF RES Land

Validator since block 429477

SF RES Land is trying to narrow the digital divide by the gaining from Chihuahua.
Details please refer to : this article

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What is SF RES Land

SF RES Land is the short form of square-face red eared sliders. They are sliders living in this land.
After joining chihuahua community, sliers now know how to woof. They live in HK and anything can happen here
Farmer's job is to keep them happy by feeding and cleaning.

Boss Introduction

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To infinity and Beyond! Woof